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What is Lematics?

Lematics is an IoT company that develops, installs and maintains solutions for efficient management of transport, personnel and various technology.

It is a user-friendly solution based on the principle of advanced telematics equipment manufactured in Lithuania and recognized worldwide, which can be adapted to different requirements and adapted to many scenarios. The deployment of this solution is very wide and can be used to manage corporate-level fleets or act as a separate small transport sharing business.

Reducing fleet maintenance costs, utilization efficiency, fleet maintenance, driving quality control, and a host of other data that is automatically processed and provided – helps businesses grow and be socially responsible.

We believe that a wide range of sensors and the data they collect will increase security and efficiency in many daily operations, new technologies and solutions will expand sensor utilization in places where it seems impossible today.

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Mission | Vision | Values

Mission – we create value for customers by providing professional solutions of Internet of Things.

Vision – to become a leading Internet of Things solutions company in a global environment, providing innovative services of the highest quality.

Values – Honesty and Reliability, Professionalism, Initiative, Quality, Innovation.