Micro mobility market is rapidly growing for multiple reasons – the transportation equipment is affordable, has drastically increased their range, is mobile and easy to maintain.

Over the last years micro mobility equipment sharing became extremely popular inside cities – for both locals and tourists. This has challenged us to come up with various solutions for rapidly growing market.

As a result – Lematics is able to provide their customers with high-quality tracking and security hardware solutions together with intuitive software platform.

The biggest issue for regular users – how to keep their fleet safe and be able to track them in case of theft. For businesses – How to integrate it in their systems and sharing platforms. We offer solutions for both.

  • Read data from on-board computer (ECU)
  • Remotely lock / unlock
  • Set Speed limit
  • Use real-time alerts
  • Access real time location and movement history
  • Access real time and historical ECU data
  • Make use of Geo-Fences
  • Generate reports

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