For years Lematics is able to offer their clients complete solutions regarding various network devices and use cases.

First of all, we offer different types of Hardware for our clients to take advantage of – Modems, Routers, Gateways, Switches. From ones designed to use at home – to industrial level hardware. Our engineers will pick the right equipment for You after we understand Your needs. In addition to that – we have a big range of accessories for network devices – to fit every need of our costumers.

Second of all, we offer multiple products to use with our networking hardware. Such as Remote Management System (RMS) – the ultimate tool to connect and control all compatible Network devices and solutions. This easy-to-use IoT platform allows its users to always be in control of their connected solutions, reach remote locations with just a few clicks, configure and perform necessary operations without having to physically interfere.

Bonding – brand new solution in our product range that allows our customers to achieve higher internet speed with the help of software and ability to enhance their existing infrastructure – maximize the possibilities. Enjoy high speeds, low latency, efficiency and reliability. This solution is meant for everyone who struggles with low bandwidth, poor internet coverage, low redundancy, poor reliability, and internet connection in moving objects.

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