About the service

From June , 2021 – The ‘E-TOLL’ payment system has been introduced on Polish public toll road sections.

With the help of on-board GPS device, we provide a possibility for our customers to pay for toll roads, without having to interrupt the driving and stand at each payment point.

How it works?

Modern technology and GPS devices allow us to transmit the data from Your trip over the paid toll roads – to the Polish National Tax Administration, whenever Your vehicle crosses such road.

This makes it easy and convenient to make road payments remotely, through an account you have created in the E-Toll system.

All You must do – make sure there is enough balance in Your E-TOLL account. We will take care of the rest.

Who needs this service?

This amendment applies to the payment of tolls by users of vehicles or combinations of vehicles with a maximum permissible mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes.

* It remains possible to obtain Lematics E-toll solution regardless of your fleet management solution provider, but for Your own convenience – we recommend to use all related services from one source.

What are the advantages of using E-TOLL?

Save Your time – road tolls are paid automatically

Avoid fines – avoid the risk of receiving fines if driver decides to change the route without prior notice

Optimize your operations – payments are made remotely – through one system

Save money – accurate information is provided with the help of on-board GPS equipment – you will only be charged for the roads you pass – nothing more.

How to start using it?

Integration of E-TOLL system is available only with Lematics equipment, which is certified by Poland national institutions. Our team will help You with hardware integration and will explain how everything works and how to start using it.