Solution for courier delivery services

About the service

In addition to our basic tracking and advanced tracking – we offer an extended solution for courier and delivery services. It comprises a dedicated web-platform for dispatchers and mobile application for drivers, specially designed with a big variety of functions for:

  • Transportation arrangement
  • Delivery route optimization
  • Delivery monitoring
  • Order placement
  • Distribution
  • Quick dispatching
  • Task assignments
  • Two-way communication

Web version


Create or import orders with detailed description and required information. Additionally set rules on – order confirmation, delivery times, unloading times and more.

Delivery route planning:

Select orders and vehicles to get preliminary routes with estimated mileage and arrival times. Google maps is used for precise address information and routing.

Delivery process monitoring:

Track the delivery process in real-time mode and immediately respond to emerging issues through calls or integrated chat with driver functionality.

Reports and notifications:

Get analytics from reports and communicate with clients via e-mail notifications.

Mobile application

Delivery statuses and call to a client integration

Confirm or reject orders, apply delivery status and reach Your client with a press of a button.

Delivery route to an order

Automatically assign a route to a delivery and get live navigation directions.

Detailed description on orders

Address, goods volume, price, weight, delivery time and more.

Comments and photo sharing integration

Upload a picture confirmation or add necessary comments for the client or dispatch.

Chatting with the dispatcher

A handy tool to reach the dispatch and notify them about any circumstances regarding the delivery.