DualCam Video Solution

About the Solution

DualCam – a solution consisting of Teltonika video surveillance and GPS tracking devices. The video camera simultaneously records events on the road and inside the car, while a GPS tracking device transmits the records to the user of our Lematics platform.


• Automatic transmission of video footage to our Lematics platform users when traffic accidents or harsh driving events are detected;

• Requesting and receiving videos from the specified period, within the last 72 hours;

• Periodic acquisition of photos from vehicle interior and exterior;

• Continuous video recording;

• Records and footage stored in the memory of device;

• Data is available at all times via the Lematics transport control platform.

Why is it useful?

All car accidents and dangerous driving incidents are recorded automatically, while our platform users can receive notifications and watch received videos from the events. This solution helps to ensure road safety and allows reasonable decisions to be made, based on accident data. Take care of the safety of drivers, passengers, cargo and vehicles. The DualCam solution will allow you to monitor the quality of transport-related services and have factual evidence to determine the causes of events.