E Vehicle

About the service

Compared to combustion engine cars – electric vehicles come with different range of very important data to monitor and take care of , especially if You run a car sharing business. Don’t let Your fleet stranded just because they ran out of battery charge.

Lematics now offers You to take advantage of our Advanced Tracking and Car Sharing solutions, with a few add-ons to the services specially designed for electric vehicles.

Besides reading most of the usual data from on-board computer in the vehicles , we will provide You with crucial information about:

  • Battery life
  • Green driving
  • Private / Business driving modes
  • Entering / Leaving geofences

Battery life

Most of the electric vehicles in the market today have a very limited driving range. That is why it became so important to remotely monitor the status of built-in battery. By doing that You are able not only to prevent monitored vehicles from ever running out of charge, but You are able to prolong their battery life expectancy – by controlling that the charge level is constantly not kept at a minimum and preventing vehicle from being driven by customers if the charge level is below tolerated or recommended.

Our customers are able to take advantage of Alert system regarding all data related to their vehicle and implement automatic measures such as Block engine in case certain conditions are not met and action is needed.

Green driving

To give You even better control over the electric vehicle battery life and boost their range to the maximum – we let You monitor driver behaviour, which as in combustion engines, so is in electric – a very important factor deciding how far the vehicle can drive without a charge. We allow You to rate recognized driver behaviour and implement a penalty system, in case they are driving not in a safe and economical way potentially causing danger to Your fleet.

Entering / Leaving geofences

As electric vehicles currently are designed for shorter trips – we allow You to make more use of geofences and monitor that Your fleet does not leave designated area compatible with vehicles driving range and charging stations on its way. Additional measures can be implemented.

Private / Business driving modes

Considering the fact that some people or governmental institutions might see tracking devices as something too invasive for privacy – we allow our customers to monitor all the parameters (odometer, battery level etc.) , with GNSS data being masked and not disclosed to anyone – unless locating the vehicle would become absolutely necessary. For certain countries – this is important factor to keep their electric vehicle projects in line with the law requirements.



  • Battery level and status
  • Range / Mileage left with the current battery level
  • Charging state [Charging / Not charging]
  • Charger state [Connected / Not connected]
  • Ignition state [On / Off]
  • Beam status, speed, odometer readings, accelerator pedal position, fault codes, parking brake

Carsharing features:

  • Remote door [Lock / Unclock]
  • Door status [Open / Closed]
  • Lock status [Locked with an application / Factory key]