Refrigerated transport

About the service

In addition to most of our monitoring features for trucks (Read more here) :

We are able to provide necessary information for refrigerated transport, in most cases without any expensive add-ons such as gateways or adapters for Carrier and ThermoKing brands.

If our customer refrigerators are not supported by our tracking devices – we will still offer a cost efficient solution for accurate temperature and humidity monitoring using Bluetooth Low Energy sensors or 1-Wire device. They are easy-to-install and will provide You with necessary information on our platform.

Visible parameters from supported refrigerators

  • MT Temperature
  • Different zones intake/return temperatures
  • Set Point 1 Temperature
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Compressor Coolant Temperature
  • Fridge Compressor RPM
  • Fridge Compressor Config
  • Fridge Installation Serial
  • Trailer Registration Number
  • Fridge Battery Voltage
  • Compressor Motor Work Minutes (HM)
  • Freezer Work Minutes (HMT)
  • Electric Minutes (HME)
  • Fridge Door State
  • Error Count