Utility transport

About the service

We offer You a tracking solution that consists of a versatile monitoring platform and high-quality GPS tracking devices. Our platform is available on WEB and mobile applications for Android and iOS

We can cover the device installation process in Your vehicles or provide easy to install – plug-and-play solution.

Our technical support is always ready to react and help in case of an emergency.

Online vehicle tracking ensures efficient and effective usage of Your fleet and provides all the necessary tools to boost productivity, economy, and profitability.

Companies that choose our services to monitor their fleet, can take advantage of services such as:

– Tracing location , movement and landmark history
– Unit activity notifications
– Route performance control
– Data analysis using reports , tables , graphs and other designated tools
– Service intervals
– Eco Driving
– Fuel fillings and thefts

Real time location and track history

Ability to monitor Your vehicles in real time and trace their movement history – provides crucial information in order for business to run efficiently and avoid financial losses.

You can see the speed of vehicle at desired location , driving distances and much more.

Depending on our customer needs – we are able to provide vehicle history for more than 2 years.

Unit activity notifications

Our tracking platform provides a possibility to create certain conditions for group of units and provide its users with required information – whilst sending instant automatic notifications to provided recipients.

Entering and leaving designated geofences, battery discharge, speed limit violations and more.

Our users can set the desired conditions to be met – for notifications to be sent automatically.

Route performance control

We provide the tools to analyse driven routes for each vehicle and with the help of integrated applications – assist You with creating the most efficient routes with multiple destinations, all while meeting desired delivery or arrival times.

Route planning is one of the most difficult manual tasks while managing a fleet of vehicles – our software makes it easier.

Data analysis

Lematics platform is capable of processing and analysing data from GPS-Trackers and vehicles , which can later be shown in reports or visualized in graphs. Our users can receive any required data by setting up their own templates.

In addition to that – reports can be generated automatically and sent to preferred recipients.

You can forget manual data entry – save time and money – let us automatize the process.

Service intervals

You will never again forget to take care of repairs or required service intervals – our system allows to set required mileage or amount of time to send an automatic reminder – when selected conditions are met.

Save Your time and repair costs by taking care of Your vehicles on time.

Eco driving

Driving behaviour is one of the main factors influencing the condition of transported cargo and your fleet. Our system is capable to assess and evaluate driving quality – this serves as a perfect tool to prolong the life of Your fleet , improve safety of driving , reduce fuel costs and ensure safety of cargo.

Fuel fillings and thefts

Many companies face financial difficulties because of fuel not being filled into the vehicle while using company card or stolen from their vehicles, but they have no way of either monitoring or proving the fact. With ability to receive CAN bus data into our platform – our customers will be automatically notified in real-time about filling and theft events and able to implement prevention measures.

Our reports and notifications include such information as amount of fuel filled and stolen, accurate location of such event, assigned driver and much more.