Advanced tracking

About the Solution

We offer advanced tracking solution that consists of a versatile monitoring platform and high-quality GPS tracking devices with ability of CAN Bus data reading and more additional features.

You will be able to see much wider range of information from Your vehicle while using CAN Bus data and get more detailed insights and reports regarding managed fleet.

Our monitoring platform is available on WEB and mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Companies that choose our Advanced Tracking solution can take advantage of everything what is included in BASIC TRACKING, get even more detailed reports, implement additional recognition features, receive real-time information from vehicle on-board computer and make use of extra components.

CAN Bus data

With a possibility of connecting vehicle Electronic Control Units (ECU) to our tracking device – You are able to get detailed information straight from Your vehicle to our tracking platform. This option allows our users to accurately monitor important data such as fuel consumption, fuel level, engine status, odometer, lock status and much more.

With ever growing need for detailed and accurate information for fleet management – this option allows You to closely monitor all important parameters from the vehicle on-board computer without having to be physically present.

Detailed reports

Having data from on-board computers allows You to generate detailed reports on the connected vehicles.

All of the available information can be easily used in desired report templates and provide useful insights into the usage of vehicles and automatize the process of by law required company blanks to be filled.

Fuel fillings

Many companies face financial difficulties because of fuel not being filled into the vehicle while using company card or stolen from their vehicles, but they have no way of either monitoring or proving the fact. With ability to receive CAN bus data into our platform – our customers will be automatically notified in real-time about filling and theft events and able to implement prevention measures.

Our reports and notifications include such information as amount of fuel filled and stolen, accurate location of such event, assigned driver and much more.

Additional features

Advanced tracking allows our users to implement additional features such as:

– Automatically recognize the driver of each unit using R-Fid card , iButton or Bluetooth sensor. The data of drivers and their driven vehicles can be viewed in real-time or used in reports later.

Driver detection can also be used together with immobilizer scenario and prevent unauthorized use of the vehicle. If the driver is not recognized – the car engine will not start.

– Automatically detect and assign a trailer, tool or another external component being mounted on the vehicle or carried by the driver. The gathered data can be viewed in real-time or used in reports later.

– Ignition interlock. Car breathalyzer device can be installed in the vehicle – it will prevent the usage of the vehicle without making an alcohol test first.

If set amount of alcohol percentage in the driver’s test is detected – our system will not allow to start the engine.

– Engine blocking. Using an additional device – our WEB system and mobile application users can send a command or set the desired conditions (excessive speeding , leaving the country etc.) to block the vehicle engine and prevent it from being stolen or damaged.

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CAN Data

Detailed reports

R-FID/ iButton

Engine blocking