Car sharing solution

About the service

Take advantage of our innovative system and implement car sharing service for Your company – whether it would be corporate car sharing or a business model – You can get the full solution from Lematics.

We provide:

  • Hardware equipment,
  • Software solutions
  • Management platform
  • Installation services
  • Technical support

Remote control

One of the most important features of Car Sharing platform – ability to offer convenient pick-up of the vehicle for anyone using the service. You won’t have to worry about running a designated desk or dropping the keys for the client – we help You to automatize the whole process and provide a possibility for customers to reserve and lock-unlock desired vehicles and use them with a click on the mobile application.


You can set a pricing plan and different payment methods – as well as charging customers per kilometres or minutes. It is entirely possible to use it without any charging plans at all – some of our customers make use of all features for corporate car sharing.


You can set up different rights and access to different vehicles for different customers. Our platform users are entirely in control of who is able to use their fleet.

In addition – we allow such features as engine blocking if vehicle is unlocked not with the use of mobile application – to ensure safety. As well as features such as damage inspection using the app or fuel level control.


Stay informed and have a peace of mind. Our platform provides a possibility to create certain conditions for group of units and provide its users with required information – whilst sending instant automatic notifications to provided recipients.

Entering and leaving designated geofences, battery discharge, speed limit violations and more.

Our users can set the desired conditions to be met – for notifications to be sent automatically.