About the service

Improve productivity, accuracy and reduce operational downtime, enhance safety and security. You can achieve all of this with a single tracker and our platform, which is also designed for smart machinery management. This solution allows to get the required data from the smart machinery
(including CAN data).

By connecting your lifts, telehandlers, loaders and scissor platforms, the solution reduces or even eliminates the costs caused by accidents, downtime or even a theft, and at the same time improves your business efficiency.

Real time location and track history

Ability to monitor Your vehicles in real time and trace their movement history – provides crucial information in order for business to run efficiently and avoid financial losses.

You can see the speed of vehicle at desired location , driving distances and much more.

Depending on our customer needs – we are able to provide vehicle history for more than 2 years

Unit activity and notifications

Our tracking platform provides a possibility to create certain conditions for group of units and provide its users with required information – whilst sending instant automatic notifications to provided recipients.

Entering and leaving designated geofences, battery discharge, speed limit violations and more.

Our users can set the desired conditions to be met – for notifications to be sent automatically.

Data analysis

Lematics platform is capable of processing and analysing data from GPS-Trackers and vehicles , which can later be shown in reports or visualized in graphs. Our users can receive any required data by setting up their own templates.

In addition to that – reports can be generated automatically and sent to preferred recipients.

You can forget manual data entry – save time and money – let us automatize the process.

CAN Bus data

With a possibility of connecting vehicle Electronic Control Units (ECU) to our tracking device – You are able to get detailed information straight from Your vehicle to our tracking platform. This option allows our users to accurately monitor important data such as fuel consumption, fuel level, engine status, odometer, lock status and much more.

With ever growing need for detailed and accurate information for fleet management – this option allows You to closely monitor all important parameters from the vehicle on-board computer without having to be physically present.