Kick scooters tracking/sharing solution

About the service

Kick-Scooter market is rapidly growing for multiple reasons – they are affordable , have a long range, are mobile and easy to maintain. Over the last years Kick-Scooter sharing became extremely popular inside cities – for both locals and tourists.

The biggest issue for regular users – how to keep them safe and be able to track them in case of theft. For businesses – How to integrate it in their systems and sharing platforms. We offer solutions for both.

Using our equipment and WEB tracking platform or mobile application You will be able to:

  • Read data from scooter on-board computer (ECU)
  • Remotely lock / unlock
  • Set Speed limit
  • Use real-time alerts
  • Access real time location and movement history
  • Acess real time and historical ECU data
  • Make use of Geo-Fences
  • Generate reports

Our equipment adavntages

  • Protection from solid objects water and cold (IP65)
  • Easy to install
  • Configurable remotely (Firmware Over The Air)
  • Wide power supply voltage range (8-50V)