Motorbikes tracking/sharing solution


Main issue of owning a motorbike or running a business based on motorbike sharing – they are easy to steal and easy to damage. We offer our customers a peace of mind, by providing high-end hardware and software solution. It becomes easy to track, hard to steal and nearly impossible to damage it without being notified. You are able to use our Basic tracking and Advanced Tracking solutions, depending on Your needs.

You will be able to

  • Read data from motorbike on-board computer (ECU)
  • Use real-time alerts
  • Access real time location and movement history
  • Access real time and historical ECU data
  • Make use of Geo-Fences
  • Generate reports
  • Block engine
  • Make use of immobilizer and driver recognition

Hardware advantages

  • Protection from solid objects water and cold
  • CAN, UART, RS232 and RS485 connections
  • Easy to install
  • Universal Bluetooth Low energy sensor support
  • Configurable remotely (Firmware Over The Air)
  • Wide power supply voltage range (10-97V)