About the service

We proudly present a brand new solution in our product range that allows our customers to achieve higher internet speed with the help of software and ability to enhance their existing infrastructure – maximize the possibilities.

Enjoy high speeds, low latency, efficiency and reliability. This solution is meant for everyone who struggles with low bandwidth, poor internet coverage, low redundancy, poor reliability, and internet connection in moving objects.

This ground-breaking technology allows its users to have real WAN bonding as add-on to their hardware devices. We can assure that our solution is cost-effective, future proof and crazy good.


The need for reliable connectivity with high bandwidths is continuously growing – that is the reason why we decided to offer our customers this software solution – Simple Aggregation of Networks (S.A.NE) . It ensures reliable connectivity for all applications such as voice, video or data transmission.

This solution applies for both – mobile and stationary deployments. It provides a highly available overall connection that keeps You online without interruptions.

WAN and mobile network aggregation

The optimal solution for the simultaneous use of several WAN uplinks is S.A.NE Bonding. Our users benefit from the aggregated bandwidth from the available WAN uplinks. S.A.NE software is able to optimize distribution of traffic flows across various uplinks.

Our more advanced users can take control of the traffic distribution and set the preferred priorities for the use of different uplinks – It allows our users to be cost efficient if they are using mobile networks with different pricing plans.


Our software contains multiple built-in security mechanisms

Certificate based authentication – For both client and server. If a router is lost or stolen, it can be permanently excluded in just a few steps.

VPN support – Excellent support for industry leading VPN solutions.

Server Geo-Redundancy – In case of a backend failure, clients will be automatically switched between multiple endpoints, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum

Additional features

  • Packet duplication
  • Bonding proxy
  • Latency smoothing
  • Optimal use of available WANs
  • Seamless backup
  • Load balancing with seamless handover