Lone workers tracking solution

About the service

Over the recent years – lone worker safety has become one of our biggest priorities. Since lone workers cannot be under constant supervision – we are always working to improve the ability to provide safe environment and modern high-quality safety devices. We offer high-quality equipment and software solutions for companies that have lone workers with limited accessibility and care about their employee safety.

We can provide tools and a monitoring platform designed for prevention of accidents, including automatic notifications of sudden illness, fall or injury events. We will provide necessary equipment for lone workers to send and receive SOS signals with a press of a button and make two-way communication as easily accessible as possible. All those features become available just with one device and our monitoring platform.


We have multiple devices in our product range that are designed to provide maximum possible supervision of lone-workers and ensure their safety. Those devices let their employers and the workers themselves to have a peace of mind.

Compact size, high-quality materials designed for harsh conditions, long battery life and variety of ready-to-use functions make our devices one of the best in the market.

Device capabilities

  • Real time monitoring of employee location
  • Fall detection
  • No movement detection
  • Alarm button
  • Two-way communication – call or receive calls using our device
  • Automatic call in case of emergency
  • Automatic messages for multiple numbers in case of emergency
  • Programmable functions and buttons
  • Compatibility with heart-rate monitoring band and heart range exit alerts


Automatic notifications (WEB platform, mobile app, phone, email) – management or other employees can always stay informed on what’s happening

Geofences – possibility to monitor entering and leaving pre-defined areas

Reports – event history, locations and much more to provide long-term insights and data analysis

Live location and movement history – easily accessible with detailed information

Automatic report sending

API – send all the necessary data to Your own platform