At Lematics, we are standing by ready to give you the assistance and technical expertise you need to be a successful in your business.

Our Technical support staff is available for any questions you may have regarding our Industries or Solutions we are providing. For those wishing to advance their knowledge, or start off with Lematics solutions for fleets, our experts will provide all necessary training sessions to address any technical or business-specific issue. Ticket-based Lematics support system ensures prompt and efficient problem-solving approach to help You get more out of Lematics. Service is available in Lithuanian, English and Polish.

Technical support

Our high skilled technical support department is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am CEST to 6:00pm CEST. Open a ticket to ask questions or get support with any product purchased from Lematics. We will do our best!

Sales support

Send as a message if you have any questions about our solutions or products portfolio before purchasing,  one of our sales engineers will contact you shortly.

Premiere SLA support

If you could have urgent situation that need to be solved immediately or supported 24/7, we provide Service Level Agreements (SLA) of technical support.